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Mr. Olinga Toh Raoul Joseph, a second-year master's student, has received A registration bursary for CISTM17 award from International Society of Travel Medicine.


Research and discovery

ETL Project

Since its establishment, it has been working to use ICT to help in any way possible with the pain of society in areas such as healthcare, education, the environment, and nursing care. For more information, please see the following


Diversity Channel

We are developing the "Diversity Channel," a support tool for people with foreign roots to work healthily and safely in Japan.
We are developing "Diversity Channel", a tool to support people with foreign roots to work healthily and safely in Japan.

We are working to overcome language barriers, medical system barriers, and educational barriers so that everyone can safely and securely access the medical and nursing care they need.

Computer and Education

We are conducting research on acquiring Computational Thinking, a way of thinking that has been incorporated into computer science curricula around the world, and, separately, on teaching methods that are tailored to students' personalities and characteristics.

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Search paper Project

From the questionnaires we conduct every year for doctors at hospitals and laboratories, it has become apparent that doctors are too busy to write papers, and do not have the time to do so. Therefore, we have launched a project to help these doctors with their research and writing papers. The current search results on most paper search engines are text-based, just like Google search. We are thinking of a form of search that goes from doing keyword searches to having a bird's eye view of the whole thing in the form of concepts and diagrams. Of course, there are engines that offer visualization, but they are quite expensive to purchase. What we are aiming for is a search like this.

    Even people who have never been good at searching can enjoy searching.

    Present diagrams and concepts that can be understood intuitively, rather than words and numbers.

    By visualizing the process of literature search, you can intuitively understand the position of the article you are searching in the field.

Please look forward to it

Medical Inclusion Project

Multilingual support in hospitals.... In reality, both patients and medical institutions need interpreters, but the current situation is different and causes great stress on both sides.

Medical institutions have medical questionnaires as well as various consent forms and instructions for patients, but it is time-consuming to translate these into multiple languages.

We are currently working on ICT of medical questionnaires and consent forms in Asian languages, and eventually aim to semi-automate ICT of such documents that differ from one medical institution to another.


Research in Past

I conducted research to support education and the environment. As for education, I am mainly involved in programming education and e-learning. As for education, I am now mainly engaged in promoting information education at the Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) Information Education Committee.




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